Boing Boing’s comment moderation “policy”

Today, via her Google Plus stream, Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing fame gave us some insight into Boing Boing’s comment moderation “policy”… specifically when is it OK to call someone a Nazi?

ACTUAL BB COMMENT, nuked by one of our moderators: “Nice that BB got a plug, but a plug from Rachel Maddow? That’s the current day equivalent of a thumbs up from Joseph Goebbels”

Now, equating Rachel Maddow to Goebbels is childish and moronic. But why would BB’s comment mods delete that post while at the same time have no problem with this one – See the first comment on this post re: Glen Beck. A quick search on their site reveals many more such examples.

As soon as I pointed out the hypocrisy, Xeni closed comments on her post. 😦 You can read the entire thread here. And for the record, I’m no fan of Glen Beck! I just like the idea of an open and free internet – something the Boing Boing editors champion every chance they get. For example, have a look at their Intro to TOR.

UPDATE! June 2012 – An admin friend at DISQUS recently contacted me to remind me that if you use Tor to get around BoingBoing’s idiot mods you need to ensure that you use a different email address for each DISQUS account you register. Nasty words were said about Mark Frauenfelder but I will not repeat them here… Please don’t take advantage of Tor and DUSQUS to post insulting, racist, sexist, or otherwise ugly comments to blogs.