Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scouts

While at a wedding recently I was asked to take a few photos of some friends for posterity. I happily obliged and within a few minutes I’d taken about 15 pictures similar to the one above. Outdoor photos, taken at what photographers call the “golden hour”, when the sun is low on the horizon almost always come out great, despite the photographer…

However!… You can’t tell from the image above, but I made a rather large mistake, accidentally setting the white balance on my 5D Mark II to “Florescent light”. As a rule, I always use the auto white balance setting. The results of incorrect WB setting were dramatically blue tinged photos – shots that I would’ve deleted had they been taken with a point-and-shoot style camera. Thankfully, because I shoot RAW, it was trivial to correct white balance while in post processing (I use and love Apple’s Aperture).

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