Trader Sam’s Enchanted Bar – Krakatoa Punch

When I heard Disneyland added a Tiki themed bar to the Disney hotel in Anaheim California I just had to go and check it out. This is the souvenir cup and light cube that comes with the Krakatoa Punch cocktail. The cup itself is very high quality, and made by Tiki Farm. The light cube is sealed, with a non-replaceable battery. It looks like you can purchase the cube here for about $4.00.

The cocktail itself was weak, expensive, and tasted mostly of pineapple juice…

Camping in Big Sur California – Limekiln State Park

My close friend Bear organized a three night camping trip to Limekiln State Park in Big Sur California.

Lime Kiln State Park

The campground is beautiful – extremely lush and green – nestled in forest canyon along with a rushing stream and massive coastal redwood trees.

Big Sur Banana Slug

This area was originally used as a lime quarry for concrete back in the late 1800’s. Three large stone and iron kilns are still on the property and accessible via a very short but beautiful hike.

Bear makes a photograph.

In general, Big Sur is a wonderful place for photography. Thanks Bear, it was a blast.

Bradbury Building, Los Angeles

Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building, in Los Angeles California, “was commissioned by Lewis Bradbury (after whom it is named), a mining millionaire who had become a real estate developer in the later part of his life. His plan (in 1892) was to have a five story building constructed at Third Street and Broadway in Los Angeles, close to the Bunker Hill neighborhood.

A local architect, Sumner Hunt, was first hired to complete a design for the building but Bradbury ruled against constructing his plans which he did not view as adequately matching the grandeur of his

Bradbury then hired George Wyman, one of Hunt’s draftsmen, to design the building.

Wyman at first refused the offer to design the building. However Wyman supposedly had a ghostly talk with his dead brother Mark Wyman (who had been dead for six years) while using a planchette board with his wife.  The ghostly message that came through supposedly said ‘Mark Wyman / take the / Bradbury building / and you will be / successful’; with the word “successful” written upside down. After the episode, Wyman took the job and is now regarded as the architect of the Bradbury Building. Wyman’s grandson, the science fiction publisher Forrest J. Ackerman, owns the original of this document. Coincidentally, Ackerman is a close friend of science fiction author Ray Bradbury.” – Wikipedia

The building opened in 1893 and is most famous for being featured in “Blade Runner”, with Harrison Ford.