Trader Sam’s Enchanted Bar – Krakatoa Punch

When I heard Disneyland added a Tiki themed bar to the Disney hotel in Anaheim California I just had to go and check it out. This is the souvenir cup and light cube that comes with the Krakatoa Punch cocktail. The cup itself is very high quality, and made by Tiki Farm. The light cube is sealed, with a non-replaceable battery. It looks like you can purchase the cube here for about $4.00.

The cocktail itself was weak, expensive, and tasted mostly of pineapple juice…

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Great Moments with Mr Lincoln

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is easily one of my favorite attractions at Disneyland. For me, the show represents Walt Disney’s patriotism, as well as his love for Americana and technology.

The photo above was taken with my little Leica D-LUX 4. I prefer to take this little camera to the park, rather then haul around an SLR. Really love it’s “Dynamic / B&W” mode.

Retro Disneyland Attraction posters as iPhone wallpaper

Scoured the net recently for retro Disneyland ride posters with the intention of using one as wallpaper on my iPhone. Here are the best quality ones I could find. Please contact me if you have the posters for other rides, or higher quality versions of the ones bellow. I would love a high quality copy of the Haunted Mansion art.

The easiest way to set these as your phone’s wallpaper is to surf to this page on your phone, then tap and hold on the poster image. iPhone will give you an option to “save image”. After that, open the settings app, select “wallpaper” then “camera roll” and select the image you just saved.

UPDATE – Oct 31, 2009: I added another 5 thanks to a commenter. See Dan’s comment bellow for a link to Flickr for more. Thank you Dan!

Submarine Voyage
Astro Jet
Pirates of the Caribbean
People Mover
Matterhorn Bobsleds
Jungle Cruise
Haunted Mansion
Enchanted Tiki Room
America The Beautiful

Retro Disney Poster, Alice in Wonderland
Retro Disney Poster, Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland’s Fantasmic! updated with new dragon

New Fantasmic! dragon at Disneyland
Emily and went to Disneyland over the weekend. We normally like to go during the off season when the crowds are minimal and that usually means we miss the Fantasmic! show which only runs during the summer.

However, because the park had many technical issues with some of the new features of the show, officials have decided to continue showing Fantasmic! on the weekends (Fri, Sat, and Sun) until the end of 2009.

Here is a hand-held shot of the new dragon (ISO6400).

More dragon photos here. Be sure to check out the large version of these images.